We’d like to thank you for stopping by 3DM Tool’s new and improved website. With over 40 years in the rapid prototyping industry, our EDM and CNC shop has helped hundreds of clients create the parts and tools they need to move their products closer to production. We specialize in the prototype machining for the medical and automobile industries, but we can accommodate any business that needs a fast turnaround. Let’s take a look at some of the methods we use to provide our customers with fast and accurate turnaround on their needed prototypes.

CNC Milling

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining or CNC milling is the process of using a computer-controlled milling machine to achieve precise tolerances available in metalwork. While milling once had to be done by hand and would experience the variances typical of human error, CNC milling ensures that you’ll get the exact piece that has been designed with CAD/CAM software.

While the earliest numerically-controlled milling machines have existed for decades, new software, computers, and machines are constantly being improved to meet the exact specifications a client requires. The better the equipment, the more axis can be controlled and the more exact drilling can be. We continue to make our customers happy by offering the fastest turnaround that still meets their CNC machining service needs.

EDM Wiring

Not all metals are easy to work with, making them poor candidates for CNC milling. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is often used on these tough-to-use metals.

EDM uses an extremely thin wire that’s less than the width of a human hair. But instead of moving up and down like a saw might, it is electrically charged and cooled with water. That charge allows the wire to shave off microscopic amounts of the material, cutting the metal that might otherwise be distorted by other milling means. There’s not as much worry about shaving off too much, because the amount of material removed during the cut is typically less than two microns. Because so little of the original material is lost, it can be used to create extremely small parts.

Another advantage of EDM? It doesn’t just work on soft metals that can be bent easily, such aluminum. It can also work on the hardest metal and alloys, those that might break even diamond-tipped CNC bits. In short, EDM wiring can create products that might not be able to be cut in any other way.

Need Rapid Prototyping That’s Actually Rapid?

Too many companies don’t take the rapid part of rapid prototyping seriously enough. But at 3DM Tool, we know that your product, whether it’s for the automotive, medical, or any other industry, is counting on the use of rapid prototyping that’s actually rapid. If you need your product made to exacting tolerances and need it quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Please use this link to contact us and get your free quote for EDM machining and CNC prototyping!