Speed, precision, and the utmost in customer satisfaction — these are what helps set 3DM Tool apart from the competition in the field of rapid prototyping. From custom gears to mold components, we know the slightest error can ruin an entire machine. With that said, for years our focus has been on accurate measurements. We promise that will never change.

With revolutionary and advanced machinery, including our EDM wire and CNC mills, you can be certain we offer the best. EDM wire cutting is applied to stubborn metals, such as aluminum, steel, copper, brass, titanium, and bronze. This method eliminates any room for error.
Furthermore, our CNC machining services are ideal for injection molding components, so we’ll delivering your prototype die to you in no time at all. With high-quality machinery and a team to put you first, your design will emerge according to your exact requirements. It’s our guarantee for our EDM and CNC shop services.

Our professionals also understand the industries we serve have no room for error. Medical equipment must always be working up to the highest standards in order to save lives. Automotive parts need to fit perfectly; otherwise, the entire machine could malfunction and injure passengers. Our goal is to ensure your machinery, products, and parts all perform up to a gold-star standard. See why we are the best rapid prototyping services around and reach out to us today.