From our CNC mills to our EDM wire machinery, we have the technology needed to create your ideal product quickly and accurately with our prototype tools. Never sacrifice precision for a tight deadline. With 3DM Tool, you can have both.

Prototype Die Design

3DM Tool is at the forefront of rapid prototyping services. Whether you need component or tool production, our team is here to help. We create your prototype in-house quickly, however, we do so with the utmost attention to detail. From medical equipment parts to automotive tools, we can assist.

CNC Mill

CNC milling is a machining process similar to cutting and drilling, but it stands above the rest due to its ability to move along multiple axes. With this capability, the shape, holes, and slots of your prototype are fully customizable. The final result? Precise shapes that would be nearly impossible to make by hand, done in a fraction of the time. Get precise results by requesting CNC manufacturing services today.

EDM Wire

By harnessing the power of electrical discharges, we create your desired shape. EDM wiring is ideal for those parts that need to be made from hard metals or material that would be difficult to shape using traditional techniques. Ask us if EDM machining is the ideal method for your project.

Get started with us today. We look forward to working with you.