At 3DM Tool, we primarily work with rapid prototyping for the automotive and medical industries (though we’re happy to work with just about anyone else). Billion-dollar corporations trust us to provide them with the best EDM and CNC prototyping services available, and we’re happy to put the rapid in rapid prototyping.

While we sometimes get the odd client who asks “when can you get it to me?,” it’s much more likely they’ll ask the same question with a hint of worry in their voice: “WHEN CAN YOU GET IT TO ME?!” In most cases, our clients are looking for the fastest turnarounds possible, and in most cases we’re able to deliver faster than they might imagine. (Being close to Detroit helps expedite the process for the automotive industry.)

So, why are our clients so interested in quick turnaround times when it comes to their EDM and CNC manufacturing? Here are some of the most common reasons.

They Need To Get Back To Work

Sometimes it’s the creation of a single piece in a machine that allows it to be tested, and until that piece is done there’s no way that the client can get back to work. If a CNC’d or EDM’d piece is what’s standing between a team and the completion of a multi-million dollar prototype, you can see why they’d want to get it made as quickly as possible.

You Have A Schedule to Keep

When a piece of equipment is being prototyped — whether it’s a car or an MRI machine — not everything is being worked on at the same time. If a particular CNC’d piece is put off until the end, it could cause delays to get the entire prototype tested.

When it comes to expensive medical equipment and vehicles, there’s always a schedule to keep. No matter when a rapid-prototyped piece is needed, we’ll do what we can to turn it around amazingly quickly.

They Might Have Been Burned Before

Sometimes clients will come to us in a rush because the first company they went to for rapid prototyping services failed them. They might have received their CNC’d part and realized that it wasn’t made to a high enough tolerance to work with the rest of the machine they were building. Or maybe it was made of lesser materials and the part broke, causing a delay in the testing.

Either way, schedules are now behind and our clients are looking for someone to pull them out of the fire. We’re more than happy to help, doing everything we can to get the schedule back on track.

Ready To Get The Fastest Rapid Prototyping?

3DM Tool is waiting to hear from you. We’re ready to get you whatever you need in EDM or CNC prototyping. Contact us today to tell us about your project.